Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Interactive Experience Via WiFi

iSIGN ( is a company that provides alerts to customers or fans that have a smartphone and are within WiFi range (300 ft) and/or Bluetooth range.  The alerts can be offers, greetings or messages with links that allows the user to interact with the store or venue.  The system also remembers the user’s phone and can send alerts when they return like “Welcome Back” or provide offers that are tied to user information.

The service in essence provides an interactive experience at a store or venue.  It has been used successfully at Mardi Gras World, the Host Committee Media Party for Super Bowl XLVII to provide offers to guests with interactive information about the event and 45 local restaurants. In addition, iSIGN also announced the installation of 500 Smart Antennas being installed into National Oil & Gas’ network of gas stations and convenience stores in Canada. The company also has installations in malls, stadiums and theaters in Canada.  

One of the sticky features of the service is that the offer will reside on the phones media or picture file so the user can act on the offer later.

A service like this has to be used judiciously because too many offers can be annoying and a pain to remove from the picture file, but people are not going to mind getting a greeting along with an offer for a desired item.  The offers can be used outside the store to bring people in or in the store to greet people.

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